June Full Moon 2018

June Full Moon 2018

29 juin 2018

WOWWWWW what a full moon !!!!

Even though the full moon was last night, we will still feel the effects of it for the next couple days/weeks.

We should take the time to reflect and take our mind back to the start of the year. For so many of us it was a hard beginning ; tons of changes and so many lessons needed to be learned. This full moon is reminding us that we can achieve anything, and we can get through anything. Don’t allow fear and panic to come in the way ! Take the time to find stillness and go within ; everything will make perfect sense and the path will be clear.

We just celebrated the summer solstice (june 21th), and the solstice is, in a way, the victory of light over darkness ! Its the same process for us ; darkness is necessary BUT we can let the light takes over the darkness !

So even at times when everything is hard or you feel like your days are dark and rainy remember that everything has a solution and everything has an ending ! All we need to do is TRUST ! Trust ourselves and trust that something better is already coming our way !

I wish you a beautiful full moon practice, whatever it may be for you ; yoga practice, meditation, journaling…trust that all your hard work we will rewarded with something BRIGHT & NEW !